About Inan Makina

 İnan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. which deals with the reparation and maintenance of hydraulic breakers & earthmoving machines and manufacturing of the spare parts for more than 40 years in Turkey is founded by Mr. Mehmet Tuscuoğlu in 1972, and it reached the deserved reputation throughout the country with its production experience and high quality of its products on its area. İnan Makina achieved the manufacturing of the rock breakers for the first time in Turkey and produced its own “MTB” Hydraulic Rock Breakers in the beginning of the year 2002 in accordance with the opinions of its customers, as a result of the technical studies carried out for a long period of time. Best quality, profitable working and after sale services approach of İnan Makina brought “MTB” Hydraulic Rock breakers to the position of a brand which is candidate for the leadership in Turkey and in the world markets. MTB range has more than 20 hydraulic breaker models from 100 kg to 7 ton. MTB 500 (5 ton) and MTB 700 (7 ton) models which tests are completed, take part among the biggest breakers of the world. These breakers will become famous all over the world thanks to their perfect performances and superior breaking powers. İnan Makina, which targets developing new model breakers every year, participates in the most important fairs of the world, increases its targets both inside and abroad the country and proves to be a worldwide company. İnan Makina, which is moved to its own plants in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industry Zone in the year 1996 for the purpose of providing under the modern conditions, feels the pride of answering the increasing domestic and foreign demands in its 10.000 square meters indoor area. İnan Makina, which founded a new production plant in 2008 year with 8.000 square meters, increased its production capacity and in addition to this started its activities on the subject of hydraulic attachments as well. İnan Makina, which maintains about 3000 ton superior quality steel as ready for manufacturing in its stocks, benefits from the advanced technology and its experience on its own structure at all of the stages from the stocks to the finished material production. 10.000 different spare parts of more than thirty rock breaker brands popular all over the world are available in company manufacturing. In addition to this, it can give the required metallurgical characteristics to the products in the full atmospheric controlled 6.5 tons capacity fully computer controlled heat treatment plant which it has established and also as the material is subject to the heat treatment process in the sub-zero furnace system (at the temperatures under zero). İnan Makina, which attaches importance on the high quality production subject in particular, is a ISO 9001 certified company, and it achieved to be an exemplary and pioneer organization from the selection of high quality raw material to the CNC machines having the high technology which is used at the production stage. Every stage of the production process is controlled in the metallographic and quality control laboratories it has established in its structure. The processes of welding, grinding, grinding, painting, assembly and packaging which are the other stages of production are performed by the most informed personnel of Turkey. İnan Makina is capable of meeting the demands instantly thanks to its branches and dealers in various regions of the country and by means of the mobile services which are composed of the well-educated and qualified personnel. In addition to this, by means of its wide product range and spare parts stocks, considered as principle the high quality and rapid services both inside and outside the country. İnan Makina is one of the great “fully integrated” organizations all over the world, having all of the stages during the conversion of the raw material to the finished products. Being of high quality of the products enabled it to be an international brand. İnan Makina is preferred by Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Polland, France, Bulgaria and Russia from the European countries and also USA, Africa, Middle East and Far East countries. İnan Makina, which works with its full power in order to reach the better and higher quality products by means of adding its wide experience and high technology to the high quality steel material, will continue to be the leader “Breaker Power” of Turkey and all over the world. The Company purpose is to develop its products which are widely accepted in the international markets even more and to reinforce its position among the world giants.